Episode 1


  • “great art is born out of adversity…every crisis is an opportunity for growth.”
  • Two Filmmakers discuss the job of editing and their experience in post-production as they finish their first feature length narrative, Journey Proud



  • The difficulties of connecting your wireless mouse.
  • Taking instruction on setting up picture and picture in your live stream to have multiple camera angles.
  • A nostalgic video after wrapping up Journey Proud, trying to connect to our parents wifi that has a 30+ character password.
  • A surprise appearance by the Big Kahuna (Frank H. Sutherland Jr.).
  • Alburn producing the live stream for his church community and building the sequence of contributed videos from members that week @ Hollywood Adventist Church http://www.hollywoodsda.org. / https://www.facebook.com/adventhollywood/
  • Acknowledging our relationship as filmmakers, collaborating on our first feature film, Journey Proud, and using this live stream to create awareness.
  • Alburn exercising live streaming to work on Journey Proud and posting to facebook as an incentive to productivity https://www.facebook.com/alburn, the nuts and bolts of overcutting audio, a crucial process of post-production.
  • (22:00) Working in television & film, gaining experience with professional tools like Avid Media Composer
  • Adam discussing behavior at a time during a pandemic, the hyper-awareness of communication, and talking too much about other things… the responsibilities of an editor and the creative process.
  • Alburn ”any job that I’m on I prefer to be working with people better than I am”
  • Adam using the experience from working on previous documentaries to apply to this current project, a music documentary in Waverly Alabama: Standard Deluxe http://standarddeluxe.com/shop/boogie4/18 / The Waverly Boogie https://www.facebook.com/WaverlyBoogie/ / The Pine Hill Haints http://www.thepinehillhaints.com/ / The Pine Hill Haints facebook https://www.facebook.com/ThePineHillHaints/
  • (32:30) Finding the emotional response as an editor and how your job is to take all of that emotion across the span of the footage and condense it to a video
  • Digesting a project through processing the footage, technically and creatively.
  • Take the time up front to prepare “sharpen the axe”, chopping down the metaphorical tree.
  • Alburn hardening the mold in our work by using the rough cut of Journey Proud in the overcutting process, and how technically the movie will not suffer as much because of the proper steps to record and produce audio, inspired by filmmakers like Ponysmasher https://www.youtube.com/user/ponysmasher?app=desktop / http://dauid.com/ https://www.facebook.com/davidfsandberg/
  • (43:30) “great art is born out of adversity…every crisis is an opportunity for growth.”
  • Handing off Journey Proud Rough Cut 1, and the road ahead discussing the process into post-production, creating a community through an online dialogue, taking pride in independent filmmaking and collaboration.
  • “Live long and downward dog.”
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