LIFT OFF | Milo’s Onboarding Experience

When the New Hire experiences a malfunction aboard the Milo’s Rocket ship, they must travel across the company digital-verse to collect data fuel for their Onboarding Launch to begin! This immersive Orientation Video for the Milo’s Tea Company introduces and highlights the Milo’s People First culture. Experience the short film through Virtual Reality goggles with this link: and see how the company “HAT” values of working Hungry, Agile, and Together represent the success of each TEAm member and the company as a whole.


Journey Proud is a road-trip romantic comedy, packed with hilarity, romance, and the supernatural. When a restless tv writer/director accepts his Grandmother’s illness as a sign to return back home to Alabama, a ridiculous stunt sends him to a strange therapy practice in Santa Monica that interferes with his love life and guides him on his self-discovery across America.

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A shattered woman copes with the death of her son who transformed the community with his music, but lost his life in a crippling battle with bipolar disorder.

Written and developed by Adam Sutherland, the original script was influenced by the anthology of music from the musician Griff Parrish. A rewrite of the screenplay was based off of the title track, “Will Your Dreams” from the album To Dream of Winged Things. Although the character’s name is Griff, and takes inspiration from the late musician, the majority of the story takes place in a fictional community in Martin, AL. Lake Martin is a postcard attraction to residents in south Alabama, and the setting surrounds the central narrative of the community that Griff and his family live in. This lake community reflects so much of the culture that inspired Adam to write the story, as well as the conceptual narrative residing in a college town, full of colorful characters that make up the town of Martin, AL.


After the passing of his father, Charlie inherits a sailboat he hasn’t seen since childhood. Immersed in his busy lifestyle, Charlie takes the time to visit the boat with intentions to sell it, but is interrupted by his therapist appointment. His visit with Dr. Shepard turns his perspective, as Charlie comes into contact with a supernatural memory of his father. With an unexpected discovery aboard the boat, Charlie learns the value of disconnecting from his busy world, and embracing his father’s gift of Solitude.


The following short film was entirely made over 5 days for the Los Angeles Playhouse West 120 hour Film Festival November 2018.