Dear Kobe

“You asked for my hustle, I gave you my heart.” -Kobe

Dear Kobe,
As a filmmaker, I personally believe everyone has a film in them, a story to tell. Just like I believe everyone can dance, everyone can laugh, everyone can love, and it’s how we love, how we express ourselves that reveals who we truly are. But it’s the magic of expressing yourself that gives permission for others to do the same, even in tragedy. Which makes me think of the one time I got to see Kobe perform live, was not as a basketball player, but as a filmmaker. We went to a John Williams concert at the Hollywood Bowl, when John introduced his special guest to narrate this next short film “Dear Basketball”, and Kobe walked out… LA erupted. Even after one of the hardest working careers in sports, he still expresses himself through the art of filmmaking, and more than ever, his spirit inspires us to be our best. RIP Kobe and Gianna

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Watch the entire short film:

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